Reasons you should visit Hanoi in spring

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If you still wonder whether you visit Hanoi in spring or not, 5 below reasons will give you more motivation and convince you to go

Warm weather

Graceful beauty of spring

There are distinct 4 seasons in Hanoi, in which autumn and spring are the most ones for traveling. In Hanoi if it is freezing in winter, muggy and hot in summer or a little cold in autumn with falling yellow leaves, the spring will bring the drizzles making people flutter.

It is often said that Hanoi in autumn is the best because that time is for the flavor of Alstonia scholaris, roads full of falling yellow leaves, blue sunny sky and cold wind. However, to some people, spring in Hanoi will still show something unexplainarily special.
If you visit Hanoi in spring, you should remember to bring thin coat or long sleeve shirt in case it is a little cold.

Beautiful flower village

When it comes to the flowers enjoyment in Lunar New Year, maybe there is no other better place than Hanoi. Hanoi people are famous for elegant and graceful beauty of the capital city so the way they enjoy flowers is very different. When the spring knocks the doors of the city, people often go to the flower villages to sightsee and take pictures.

Far from the city center about 20km, Tay Tuu Village (Tu Liem) has the long standing history of growing flowers and annually provides 250 millions flowers to the domestic and international markets. Tay Tuu is outstanding with the fields of garish daisies, intermingled with roses and gerberas. On the days before Lunar New Year, Violets, Gladiolus and Dahlia are blooming colorfully in the cold weather.

Beautiful flower villages in spring

Nhat Tan peach blossom village is well-known for the pink peach blossom flowers. On the days of New Year, the village will be much busier with so many youngsters to come and sightsee or take beautiful photos.

Peach blossom beautifully appears on every street

On January, the peach blossom flowers blooms and pervades the perfume to the air. There are all kinds of peach blossom on streets seeming to bring the spring atmosphere to every corner and every house.

The presence of peach blossom flowers on every street

For the New Year holiday, lack of peach blossom means lack of spring. In Hanoi, you easily catch the image of the vendor selling their flowers on the old bikes, evoking a peaceful and graceful city.

Romantic Alstonia scholaris and Ban flowers

When the last peach blossom flowers fall, the Alstonia scholaris starts to bloom white all over the lush green trees. By a sudden, one day on street, you will realize the lines of green trees in winter seem to be strangely beautiful with that white. It is the Alstonia scholaris comes as the call of the spring. In March, the flowers will fully blooms on Phan Dinh Phung Street, Hoang Hoa Tham Street and Buoi Street, creating an attractive scene for sightseeing.

March is the month of Astonia scholaris in Hanoi

Moreover, Hanoi in spring will become more picturesque because of the romantic purple of Ban flower (Bauhinia Variegata). Sightseeing the purple Ban flowers may make your soul peaceful and quiet.

Spring is the season of festivals

Hanoi is the land of over one-thousand-year history, storing many cultural values with hundreds of festivals.
There is a variety of traditional festivals held to commemorate the legendary and historical figures. For example, Dong Da mound festival (the fifth of January as Lunar calendar) is to commemorate the victory of Quang Trung King – the respectful hero in the history of fighting against Thanh dynasty enemy from China. Soc Temple festival (6-7/1 Lunar calendar) is held for Thanh Giong who expelled An invader out of the country. Co Loa festival (6-8/1 Lunar calendar) is to commemorate An Duong Vuong King whom the 18th Hung King ceded the throne.
Specially, the time to hold Perfume pagoda festival is the longest around the country. Tourists can come to the pagoda to not only pray for happiness and luck but also sightsee the beautiful natural scenes and caves.

Spring is the season attracting millions of tourists to Hanoi for festivals

Besides, there are many festivals in the suburb of Hanoi as the tourist attractions such as Thay Pagoda festival, Tram Gian Pagoda festival, Bat Trang ceramic village festival, Van Phuc silk village festival and so on.
With these reasons, are they enough to convince you for a visit to Hanoi? Do not hesitate to come and see the beauty of Hanoi in spring.

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