DIY Classes

You see and hear the acronym “DIY” everywhere, and you probably already know what it stands for: “do it yourself.”  DIY is really about you seeking out the knowledge and developing the skills you need to do something that you would normally pay someone else to do for you.

Our DIY classes give tourists the unique, raw experience of making their own crafts under the guidance of local experts. Thereby increasing the reality and good interaction  for people who have been visiting Hanoi, contributing to preserving the  traditional craft works that are in danger of disappearing.

Water Color Painting Class (Traditional Oriental Painting)


Located in a cozy cafe tucked away in the backstreets of Hanoi, this traditional Chinese watercolor painting class is...

Price From: $33

Historic Art of Calligraphy Class


Ever since calligraphy was introduced to Vietnam by the Chinese settlers – it was one of many cultural exchanges...

Price From: $33

Paper Mask Making Class


The traditional paper masks, as distinct and recognizable as the full moon during the Mid-Autumn festival, has for years...

Price From: $25

Conical Hat Making Class


The Vietnamese hat, or locally, Non La, is a quintessential Vietnamese icon. Recognizable at one glance, the conical shaped...

Price From: $28

Hanoi Knives Making Class


Nestled in Kien Hung Commune, Ha Dong Town, Hanoi, the small, but prestigious village – Da Sy has a...

Price From: $30
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