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Vietnam Food Trip: Awesome Banh Mi Stands to Try Out

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The Banh Mi is one of most popular sandwiches in the world, respected across the world to the same extent as burgers or clubhouse sandwiches, so much so it was even dubbed the ‘best sandwich in the world’. The Vietnamese sandwich has attracted global attention, and is now served in numerous other countries, from nearby Asian nations to distant lands like the US and UK.


Needless to say, Vietnam is laden with food stands and stalls, which serve Banh Mi sandwiches. If you find yourself booking a trip to Vietnam soon, be sure not to miss this delicacy that’s made fresh along the country’s streets. So, with that in mind here are some spots for you to try out.

Ho Chi Minh City has hundreds of Banh Mi vendors, but there are noteworthy mentions including Banh Mi Huynh Hoa which never fails to convert first-timers into patrons; Banh Mi 37 Nguyen Trai which makes their own twist on the sandwich using grilled pork and; Banh Mi Hong Hoa which targets morning commuters as customers given their early business hours.

In Danang, a hunt for great alternative Banh Mi stops highlighted Ba Lan Banh Mi along Phan Chau Trinh Street which has been serving Banh Mis for 20 years now. There’s also Banh Mi Pho Co in Hoi An that displays its succulent meat slices, pate and bread in nice, clean shelves as you watch while the vendor arranges your order.

Of course, we aren’t going to leave out the nation’s capital, Hanoi. A compilation of the area’s best eats placed in its first two spots Banh Mi 25 at Hang Ca Street and Banh Mee at Au Trieu Street, respectively. The former is the city’s prime destination for the sandwich and they’re hard to beat not just in the country but also in the entire world. The latter, on the other hand, is a wonderful alternative in case you’ve already tried out Banh Mi 25 or if you can’t wait in its long lines anymore.

Travel Info


Similar to any other Asian country, the visa policy varies depending on country of origin. Citizens of many ASEAN countries are granted free visits with different lengths of maximum stay. Other regions have different requirements so to be sure, check first with the Vietnamese embassy in your country.

The most common method of transport in Vietnam is through motorbikes. You may hop on with a rider or rent your own if you know how to drive one, provided you have an International Driver’s Permit and local insurance.

There are also cars for hire but they usually come with drivers who double up as city guides. Given the usual heavy traffic though, it’s not the best choice as explained by Lonely Planet. Vehicle congestion is prevalent, including in stationary vehicle areas like car parks. To gauge the situation, the aforementioned United Kingdom houses the famous Gatwick Airport, which is the most-used single runway airport in the world and has some of the busiest parking areas. Though Parking4Less mentioned that the airport implemented strategies such as conveniently placing a short stay parking area in between its terminals and added a wide array of parking options to help mitigate vehicle congestion. Although don’t expect such ease of movement in Vietnam, as its airport isn’t as easily accessible or its roads. This Western comparison, shows that while Vietnam is such an amazing place to visit, you should expect some frustration when trying to navigate the popular tourist spots.

As such, the area being a hectic location still has a relatively manageable flow of traffic within and around its perimeter. Vietnam’s roads and facilities, due as well to a lack of rules and driver discipline, are considerably chaotic and hazardous. Be sure to keep that in mind for safety.

That said, Vietnam’s cities mentioned above are only a few hot spots when it comes to getting your fill of great Banh Mi sandwiches. Would you like to add your own recommendations? Share them in the comments section below!

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