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Truly Authentic Cultural Food Experiences in Hanoi

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Vietnamese cuisine is known for its fusion of flavors from many cultures. You take a walk in Hanoi and you’ll see the popular image about street food stalls that line the roads of Hanoi. Locals often eat street food on sidewalk with a plastic stool and a table or even without tables. Sometimes we often a chair as a table to place food. From porridge, boiled snails, pillow cake to chicken noodle soup, fried spring rolls. All day, Hanoi is avaible to serve everyone. At stalls or storefront, you can easily hot pots with delicous broth from diverse soups.

Local beer Ta Hien str


At afternoon is time to young locals flock to street food stalls to meet up or hangout and enjoy snack food. In evening, Take an excursion at a night market spreading from Hoan Kiem lake to Dong Xuan market – the largest market in Hanoi, there are lots of stalls sold everything from clothings, souvenir to food, drinks. Or we often gather at St Josept Cathedral to drink fresh lemon tea and eat sunflower seeds. All are Hanoi’s food culture.

How to Experience It: If you’re not the ertype to just start trying things before you know what they are, local food tours such as Hanoi street food tour ($20) can help. Local guides give you a proper introduction and take you to vendors with good specialty food stalls, places that do high volume so the food is always fresh. You’ll sample street food and find out how to cook. And wandering arounf the Old Quarter to do sightseeing the old beauty from houses dating back to 18th-19th century or French colonial buildings to discover Vietnam war history. Besides, the Hanoi city tour allow you to experience around Hanoi city with a motorbike ( on back of a motorbike) or private car ( a lagre number of tourists) and taste Fresh Rolls at the best restaurant near West lake. Both tours help you experience it like a local.

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