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Dating back to origin of mixed dishes in Hanoi

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1. Sour rice noodle


Starting from a famous specialty in Cao Bang Province, the sour rice noodle becomes so familiar with Hanoi people. Like other mixed dishes, this kind of food is attractive because of the first look with deep fried potatoes, fried pork liver, pieces of sliced bacon, crunchy roasted duck, cucumber pieces, lettuce, roasted peanuts and obviously rice noodle.
All kinds of ingredients need to be sliced into thin and long pieces to be conveniently mixed together with gelatinous sour sauce which is taken from roasted duck will be added with a little vinegar, garlic, sugar and semolina.

It is strange but easy to eat with sour flavor and crunchy ingredients. If you want to cook it for your family, Hanoi cooking class can guide you how to make.

2. Mixed rice noodle with chicken


Regarding to the mixed food, we cannot forget the mixed rice noodle with chicken. All ingredients from rice noodle, chicken to fried shallot, roasted peanuts and papaya pieces will be in one bowl and then mixed with sweet and sour sauce.

This dish is made by a sudden. It just appeared in the last years of 90s. It’s only appeared in 90s. It is predicted that, noodles are mixed in order to please rice noodle soup lovers in the hot weather in the summer of Hanoi.

3. Mixed glass noodle


Next mixed dish in this list is a familiar one. In Hanoi, we can suggest some favorable mixed glass noodle like mixed glass noodle with crab roe, noodle mixture with fried fish…
Ingredients for a bowl of mixed glass noodle with crab roe include noodle and crab as two main ones, deep fried tofu pieces, fried shallot, roasted peanuts and soy sauce. Besides, you can eat with stir fried beef or shrimps.

Also, the mixed glass noodle with fish is a great choice for you. Ingredients are nearly the same. Fish fillets will be deep fried until golden brown and crunchy. Instead of glass noodle, you can try the mixture with vermicelli.

If you want to discover traditional food of Vietnam, just join Hanoi cooking class and experience!

4. Southern style beef noodle


A dish from the South of Vietnam is very popular to Hanoi cuisine is the mixed vermicelli with cooking recipe of Southern region. However, despite following the Southern recipe, the flavor in Hanoi is different because vermicelli is smaller and the sauce is adjusted to make it suitable with Hanoi people’s taste.

Herbs served for the mixed dish is also typical ones in the North such as lettuce, Vietnamese balm, coriander and boiled bean sprouts. Obviously, the main ingredient is still beef which is stir fried on high heat quickly to avoid making it too tough.

5. Vietnamese salad


                                   A variation of mixed food is Vietnamese salad like beef salad or jelly fish salad.

From the green papaya strings to thin beef pieces, sweet and sour sauce, roasted peanuts and herbs, all are mixed to make a papaya salad with dried beef delicious and attractive.

However, it is very difficult to mention the origin. For example, with dried beef salad, many people believe that it is from Chinese cuisine while the jelly fish salad originates from coastal regions. No matter where it is, Hanoi salads are typical with their own flavors.
With this mixture, it is very easy for you learn and make. Hanoi cooking class will offer many recipes to all participants.

It can be said that all kinds of mixed dishes all over the countries diversify the “treasure” of Vietnamese cuisine in general and Hanoi particularly. Wherever Vietnamese go, they always create the tasty food to fit with each region. The more they go, the more dishes they make. Such a pride!

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